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New Products

J&K Scientific is committed to research and innovation. We are proud of our independent new product achievements as well as our development partnership with our customers and distributors. For many years J&K has invited companies to collaborate and share in market opportunities by contributing and co-developing products. Our product range grows every year with thousands of new compounds and derivatives added to our existing list of over 500,000 ultrafine materials, pharmaceutical chemicals, biochemicals and specialty chemical products for science and industry.
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3BDO—A new autophagy inhibitor

MTOR, a central regulator of autophagy, is involved in cancer and cardiovascular and neurological diseases. Modulating the MTOR signaling balance could be of great significance for numerous diseases. In previous studies, Professor BaoXiang Zhao of Shandong University found a chemical small molecule , 3-Benzyl-5-((2-nitrophenoxy) methyl)–dihydrofuran-2(3H)-one (3BDO), that inhibited autophagy in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC s) and neuronal cells. JK Scientific offers 3BDO as sole agent.

3BDO was more efficient than 3-MA as autophagy inhibitor

3BDO could dock on FKBP1A in the same sites (TYR82A and ILE56A) as Rapamycin

Figure 1: Conceptual schematic of 3BDO and FLJ11812 mechanism of action

structure Product no. description cas pricing
1914077 3BDO, 97%, Activator for mTOR, Autophagy inhibitor 890405-51-3 Pricing
369172 6-Amino-3-methylpurine, 90% 5142-23-4 Pricing
948477 Rapamycin, 98% 53123-88-9 Pricing

Reagents for Photoresists Synthesis

Photoresists are widely used in integrated circuits, semiconductor devices, touch screens and photovoltaic materials. As a professional supplier, J&K provides a variety of reagents for the synthesis of photoresists. Our products offer reliable quality and high performance and are available in different package sizes from grams to kilograms to meet your requirements from basic research to large-scale manufacturing.


Monomers for Photoresists:

structure Product no. description cas pricing
476032 1,3-Adamantanediacetic acid, 97% 17768-28-4 Pricing
191866 Dichlorodimethylsilane, 99.3% 75-78-5 Pricing
313268 Chlorendic anhydride, 96% 115-27-5 Pricing
396012 Isobornyl acrylate, 93%, stabilized with 200 - 400 ppm MEHQ 5888-33-5 Pricing
609785 cis-5-Norbornene-exo-2,3-dicarboxylic anhydride, 96% 2746-19-2 Pricing
339028 n-Octyltriethoxysilane, 97% 2943-75-1 Pricing
953647 Trichloro(octyl)silane, 97% 5283-66-9 Pricing

Additives for Photoresists:

structure Product no. description cas pricing
908824 Butyl acetate, 99% 123-86-4 Pricing
277506 9-Fluorenylmethyl carbamate, 98% 84418-43-9 Pricing
126667 2-Hydroxyethyl methacrylate, 99%, stabilized with 100 ppm MEHQ 868-77-9 Pricing
193900 Pyrogallol, 99% 87-66-1 Pricing
496960 Trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate, 90% 3290-92-4 Pricing

Photoacid Generators:

structure Product no. description cas pricing
512472 Bis(4-tert-butylphenyl)iodonium triflate, 98% 84563-54-2 Pricing
517519 Diphenyliodonium nitrate, 97% 722-56-5 Pricing
305170 2-?(4-?Methoxystyryl)?-?4,6-?bis(trichloromethyl)?-?1,3,5-?triazine, 98% 42573-57-9 Pricing

Photoinitiator for Photoresists:

structure Product no. description cas pricing
167389 Acetophenone, 98% 98-86-2 Pricing
248099 Benzophenone, 99% 119-61-9 Pricing
606200 4,4'-Bis(diethylamino)benzophenone, 99% 90-93-7 Pricing
543244 2,2-Dimethoxy-2-phenylacetophenone, 98% 24650-42-8 Pricing

Trifluoromethylthiolating Reagents

The trifluoromethylthio group (CF3S-) represents one of the most lipophilic substituents. It is well known that incorporation of the trifluoromethylthio group into small molecules greatly enhances their ability to cross lipid membranes and their absorption rate in vivo. In addition, the high electronegativity of the CF3S group significantly improves the small molecule’s stability in acidic environments. Thus, the trifluoromethylthio group has drawn special attention from the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries for its use in isosetere-based drug design.

J&K offers trifluoromethylthiolating reagents developed by Qilong Shen’s group at Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. There are two types of these new electrophilic reagents: Trifluoromethanesulfenates (Lu-Shen reagent) and N-trifluoromethylthiosaccharin (Shen reagent).


Feathered Products:

structure Product no. description cas pricing
254810 Bis(phenylsulfonyl)sulfide, 96% 4388-22-1 Pricing
1784571 3,3-Dimethyl-1-?(trifluoromethylthio)-1,2-benziodoxole, 95% 1584705-82-7 Pricing
1784574 (2-Phenylpropan-2-yloxy)(trifluoromethyl)sulfane, 98% 1640084-14-5 Pricing
1784566 2-(Trifluoromethylthio)isoindoline-1,3-dione, 98% 719-98-2 Pricing
1784565 1-(Trifluoromethylthio)pyrrolidine-2,5-dione, 98% 183267-04-1 Pricing
1784567 N-Trifluoromethylthiosaccharin, 98% 1647073-46-8 Pricing

Macrocyclic Compounds

Macrocyclic compounds are important tools to study chemistry and supramolecular science.

They are in an indispensable position in molecular recognition, molecular assembly, and functional materials building and so on. As a professional supplier, J&K offers a complete inventory of macrocyclic compounds include:Heteracalixaromatics and Corona[n]arenes.

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Feathered Products:

structure Product no. description cas pricing
1938032 Dichloro-diazadioxacalix[2]arene[2]triazine, 95% 51421-67-1 Pricing
1938035 Hexabromo-O6-corona[3]arene[3]tetrazine, 95% 1642594-07-7 Pricing
1938031 Dichloro-oxacalix[2]arene[2]triazine, 95% 819065-56-0 Pricing
1938033 Tetraazacalix[4]pyridine, 95% 502763-15-7 Pricing
1938034 Phenylcopper(III) perchlorate, 95% 1169706-62-0 Pricing
1938036 Hexester-O6-corona[3]arene[3]tetrazine, 95% 1642594-08-8 Pricing

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